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Food and Nutrition

At Kinderberry Hill, we are fully committed to fostering healthy habits by providing healthy meals and snacks. We work with nutritionists to ensure we offer balanced meals with the freshest ingredients. At each location, our onsite chef prepares all meals and snacks in their full-service kitchen. Our chefs are fully trained and dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of children from infants through school-age.

berry fresh – farm 2 school program

From May through November, Minnesota-grown foods are featured every two weeks on the menu. The children not only  enjoy delicious locally grown foods, but learn all about them as well. They read books, plant and harvest a garden, sing songs, and more— all to find out where our food comes from, who grows it, and how it grows.

lana – learning about nutrition through activities

Our Kinderberry Hill classrooms utilize the LANA curriculum, which features activities and family support tools to promote healthy eating. Children engage in cooking projects, tasting activities, and lesson plans—all designed to instill healthy habits in young children.


Download Weekly Menu PDF Here

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