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Family Testimonials

Our son has been at Kinderberry Hill for just two months, and we are amazed at how much he is learning. He has learned so many new words in both English and Spanish, and he uses them so well. His eating habits are getting better too! The teachers are amazing, the staff is always smiling, and the place is always neat and tidy. It was hard to drop him off on his first day, but we knew our son would get the best care and education. Now there isn’t a day when he wants to be away from Kinderberry Hill.

Khileshwari – Mom at Kinderberry Roseville


We enrolled our daughter Lilly into Kinderberry Plymouth as a five-month-old infant after two attempts with different in-home day care providers and touring other centers. The minute we experienced Kinderberry, we knew that it was perfect for not only Lilly, but us as well. We are first-time parents, so we really wanted a place that was great at communicating with us. Kinderberry’s BabyConnect app has been an amazing tool and keeps us informed throughout the day as to how Lilly is doing, what she is up to, and with the help of her teachers, all of Lilly’s meals, diaper changes, and naps are tracked. Aside from this, we love the structure and education that Lilly receives. The teachers have degrees in early childhood development, so they know how to connect with the kids.  Lilly takes music, Spanish, sign language, and more!  Now at home, she communicates with us by signing when she wants more food, says ‘Please’, and more.  Also, there is a full-time nurse on-site available to help with nearly anything. These might seem like little things to some people, but to us, it is what stood out about Kinderberry. They go above and beyond to ensure that all the little things are done right and with genuine care.  We can’t imagine sending our daughter anywhere else!

Garin & Molly Hamburger – Parents at Kinderberry Plymouth


The combination of care, learning, and socialization can’t be matched. Our children learn a ton, have formed great relationships, developed independence, and have so much fun!

Tim and Kate – Parents at Kinderberry Minneapolis

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