Infant Care: Ages 6 Weeks to 18 Months

The Kinderberry Hill infant program is designed to support and encourage the amazing growth that happens within a baby’s first year. A healthy balance of social, emotional, and physical learning experiences are all provided with each baby’s individual development in mind. Dedicated early childhood educators care for the children in a safe, cozy, and comfortable environment that feels much more like home than a classroom. Having this small setting allows babies to form strong attachments to their caregivers.


The most essential piece of our infant program is the relationship formed between teacher and child. The connections made between the two are critical to a child’s development.


Thoughtfully selected and designed to enrich and embrace each baby’s curiosity, our curriculum provides opportunities for babies to enjoy and explore by touching, seeing, hearing, and grasping exciting new concepts.

The Very Best Start

With a teacher-child ratio of 1:4 and a maximum of 8 babies per nursery, our cozy, peaceful environment is the perfect place for teachers to get know each child and to care uniquely for each baby.

The teachers are not only kind, patient, and warm, but they are incredibly knowledgeable, amazing at what they do, and — most importantly — love our baby as if he was their own family member.

–Kinderberry Parent