Creating a More Inclusive Culture.

As a company that prepares children to reach their fullest potential, we share in the responsibility to ensure that this potential is not undermined by biases. We are committed to a company culture that is inclusive and where all employees feel a sense of belonging.

We are striving to create a better world with the continued goal to nurture a more diverse and inclusive generation of our young children where inclusion, acceptance, and belonging are recognized and practiced; where respect and fairness are the building blocks of our programs; and where each child and employee knows that when they are with us, they feel safe, respected, and valued. We must ensure that positive changes flow through every aspect of our work, including the way we teach our children. Together, we will do better.

–Chad Dunkley, Chief Executive Officer – Kinderberry Hill

We want to raise our children so that they can take a sense of pleasure in both their own heritage and the diversity of others.

–Mister Rogers

At Kinderberry Hill, we are committed to sharing resources that can help us better educate ourselves on equity, diversity, and inclusion, so we can better support our children. We are all on this journey together. This list of books, videos, and other resources are meant to help you and your children as you develop your knowledge in equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Character Education

Along with character building skills, our Character Building Education curriculum includes books and activities on inclusion, diversity, and more. We want each child and employee in our care to be represented and to feel pride in the materials in our classrooms and the learning experiences we provide.


We have intentionally incorporated diverse books into our classrooms and in our Character Education curriculum. The following list is a great place to start for families looking to add diverse books to their home libraries.