As Reggio-inspired schools, we view children as competent, capable, and rich with ideas. We believe children have the right to observe, investigate, and explore the world around them through play. Every child has unique strengths, and our teachers create environments and experiences to capitalize on these. Our emergent curriculum invites teachers to learn alongside children, encouraging discovery, curiosity, and confidence.


Thoughtful and outstanding communication is essential to a family’s experience. Expect face-to-face interactions with your child’s teachers every day. Families can stay connected to classroom activities via the Procare Connect app. Teachers will send frequent updates, information, and photos throughout the day.

community and collaboration

Each of our schools is unique in their exterior appearance, as well as how they proudly reflect their families and communities. In a Reggio-inspired school, the environment plays a significant role in creating a successful program and is often referred to as the “third teacher.” At Kinderberry Hill, we believe children appreciate beauty, and we intentionally fill our spaces with authentic and beautiful items to promote creativity and open-ended play. Most importantly, our schools are places of community and collaboration. …

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. 

–Mister Rogers

Growing a Community of Kare

At Kinderberry Hill, we believe in the value of teaching children the importance of helping others. We offer staff, families, and children opportunities throughout the year to give back to our communities. We hold collection drives and service learning projects which help teach children empathy and compassion. Beginning at birth, interactions are the medium for all character development. As children grow, they are shaped and influenced in fundamental ways by the quality of interactions they experience with key adults in their lives. We have dev…

Our People

Our Leadership

Our passionate and experienced management team strives to offer children a uniquely warm, inviting, and child-centered school in which to discover, learn, and grow. Strong relationships are formed to create a partnership throughout your child’s years with us.

Our Teachers

Our schools are staffed with caring, fun, and educated teachers. Kinderberry Hill is committed to hiring, training, and supporting talented and educated early childhood professionals. Our teachers work to align children’s’ interests in loving, nurturing, and positive ways which support students’ self-esteem and learning potential.

Our Nurses

At every one of our schools, an onsite nurse leads wellness efforts by monitoring health and safety conditions, allergies, and dietary restrictions. In addition, our onsite nurses dispense medications, provide first aid, and serve as a health and wellness resource for children, families, and staff.