The first step on a lifelong journey

Our curriculum is designed to prepare your child, from infancy through pre-kindergarten, to enter elementary school prepared, excited, and eager for academic success. We are proud of the fact that our graduates have been accepted into the finest schools in our state.

“Kinderberry Hill gives me

BIG brains!”


–Graham, age 4

Peace of Mind

Kinderberry Hill offers parents peace of mind with the knowledge that each child will be supported both academically and emotionally in an environment that is always safe, secure, and nurturing.


Caring for Children and Families

Since the family is a child’s primary source of love and care, we dedicate ourselves to helping and guiding families through every stage of their child’s development.

Excellence in Education

Kinderberry Hill embraces and demonstrates exceptional child care and education by providing state-of-the-art practices in teaching, learning, health, nutrition, and developmental services.