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May Day Baskets

While the official first day of spring took place in March, May Day historically celebrates the beginning of spring. In some parts of the United States, May Day baskets are filled with treats or flowers, and left anonymously on someone’s doorstep. 

Here are a few simple ideas for May Day baskets you can make with your little one.

  • Decorate a paper cup with markers and stickers, and add a ribbon handle.
  • Color or watercolor a coffee filter and add a pipe cleaner handle.
  • Make a paper cone.
    • Use a heavy weighted paper.
    • Have you child color, paint, or decorate it.
    • Cut a large “pie” or circle out of the paper and then cut one “piece” out of the pie (triangular shape).
    • Overlap both edges of the “piece” and secure with tape.
    • Add a ribbon handle if you like, or cone baskets can be laid on someone’s doormat.

Once you have your basket made, fill it with various trinket, treats, and/or flowers. Make sure you know if the person has any type of food allergies before including food. Add a tag to the basket so the recipient knows who left it. This is a fun way for children to practice writing their names. Leave the basket on their doorstep or door knob. Enjoy spreading some springtime cheer with your child!

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