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Cleaning Crew

Combine chores with exercise, add some silliness, and you have another way to have fun while getting fit. It can be challenging to get kids to help around the house, especially when they view it as work. Why not turn it into a fun game where they are getting lots of physical activity at the same time! 

Dance and Clean. Put on some fun, upbeat music and dance while cleaning. Take a break between chores to make up some fun new dance moves. Have your children teach you some moves—they will love it, and you can guarantee lots of laughs!

Play “Beat the Clock.” Set the timer and challenge your kids to get a task done before it rings. “Can you get all of your books picked up in two minutes?” Or have your little cleaners choose a song while working on a specified task. The goal is to complete the task before the song ends. 

Dust Gloves. Everyone put a pair of used, clean white socks on their hands and dust around the house, literally by hand, high and low. See who can get their socks the dirtiest.

Make your supplies child-sized. Shorten a mop or broom handle to make it kid-sized. Fill a squirt bottle with a solution of a gallon of water and a drop of dish soap. Squirt counters, mirrors, or windows, and wipe clean with dry paper towels.

Doing chores around the house will keep children healthy and active, and instill some good cleaning habits along the way! 

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