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RELAX: Read, watch a movie, share a meal or snack on the couch, learn all the words to a new song, draw a family portrait, write notes to eachother, tell jokes, practice belly breaths, play a memory game, build a blanket fort, make a collage of your family’s favorite things out of old magazines.

WORK: Make a grocery list, create a chore list, help a neighbor, shovel the sidewalk and sing, make meals, declutter old toys, clean or organize the garage, help a sibling or grandparent, empty the dishwasher, sort laundry by color, make and deliver a donation pile together.

ENJOY NATURE: Watch it snow, go sledding, watch birds/critters in the backyard, pop popcorn and enjoy the sunset, take a walk, build a snowman, try something new like ice skating, snowshowing, or cross-country skiing, fill your sink with snow and play, count the icicles on your house.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Try out a new board/card game, try a new family hobby, sing living room karaoke, start a January tradition, volunteer, make a gratitude list, visit a new city, start a new chapter book series, bake a cake together.

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