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Music at Home

At Kinderberry Hill, we believe there is really no downside to singing and sharing music with children. Our classrooms are often filled with relaxing or playful music, as well as children singing their current favorite tunes!

Here are some ideas for sharing music at home:

  • Play different genres of music. Listen and talk about unique characteristics, sounds, voices, and instruments you hear.
  • Play music for your baby and tap the beat on their lap or gently clap their hands to the beat.
  • Play rhythm and clapping games like Patty Cake, Who Took the Cookie, and Miss Mary Mack.
  • When singing, pause and leave out lyrics for your child to chime in.

Here are some of our favorite sing-a-long books to connect music with early literacy.

Take time to hum, sing, and even whistle while you play with your children. Use music to connect, dance, and unwind as a family. Your children don’t care if you’re a trained vocal performer, or if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Just be confident and have fun!

Looking for more fun ways to teach early literacy to your children at home? CLICK HERE

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