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Spark the Spirit of Giving!


We believe one of the most important gifts we can give children is the opportunity to develop strong character. Time spent listening to others, being a good friend, and helping when we can are habits that can lead to a successful and happy life. We want our students, not only to be academically successful, but to know how to form meaningful relationships and positively contribute to their communities as they grow.

A flower represents our Character Building Curriculum at Kinderberry Hill. The petals symbolize the six pillars of character development: Trustworthiness, Fairness, Responsibility, Self-discipline, and Caring. Our teachers use storybooks, activities, and discussions to model and teach these pillars, and practice the different aspects of character.

We dearly value our community of children, teachers, and families at Kinderberry Hill. On November 19th, we invite our children and families to participate in our Annual Spark the Spirit of Giving Event. Hands-on projects include creating gifts of cheer for seniors in our communities, as well as for children battling illness this holiday season. A cozy spot to relax and enjoy character-building story books with family is a perfect way to end the evening.  

These activities hope to bring smiles to others in our community, and inspire important conversations about character, caring, and giving. It’s such a meaningful way to kick-off the holiday season in our schools, and we look forward to it year-after-year! 

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