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Creating a World of Kindness

I was recently introduced to the The Gracious Gobbler. The Gracious Gobbler is a Thanksgiving tradition that encourages families to create a habit of kindness and gratitude over the holiday season. Click the link to learn more about The Gracious Gobbler .

This just might be my new favorite idea! I am excited to begin this tradition with three of the most important little people in my family this holiday season. We will love cuddling up and reading the book together and the stuffed gobbler will get lots of snuggles. Knowing that we are instilling concepts of kindness, reflection, and gratitude into their open hearts, is truly the very best start. 

“The more we genuinely care about others the greater our own happiness & inner peace.” – Allan Lokos

With over 30+ years of early childhood experience and for the last 19 years in a role that brings her great joy, Lisa Swan is the District Manager for Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers. Lisa is a mom to three grown boys and Grandma Yeesa to three grandchildren. Her grandchildren all currently attend Kinderberry Hillwhich helps Lisa bring a family-focused perspective to the Kinderberry Hill experience.

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