Modeling Kindness

The best thing we can do for children when teaching kindness is to model it each day. Draw attention to the things you do that are kind or helpful. Ask them how they feel when they need help. Talk about how happy you feel when they help out. Really look and discuss the faces and expressions of others. This is how an understanding of kindness starts for children. Finally, make sure children know it’s the thought that really counts. When others are on our mind, it is kind of us to let them know!

Tips for practicing kindness at home:

  • Call a relative to say “I Love You”.  Then ask the relative to share how this call made them feel.
  • Give a compliment. Have your child think of something they like about a friend or relative, then tell them!
  • Let someone else go first.
  • Be sure to look your child in the eye when you tell them “thank you”.
  • Draw a picture for a loved one and put it in the mail.
  • Join them in a 2-minute clean-up drill of their SIBLING’s room or toys!
  • Give the family pet some extra time or a special treat. Talk about how they can tell this made your pet happy.

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