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Reinventing Play Dough

Here are some fresh ideas on an old favorite.

  • Make homemade playdough and let your child add the color and knead it. https://www.iheartnaptime.net/play-dough-recipe/
  • Add a rolling pin, potato masher, cookie cutters, butter knives, and any other fun, real-life kitchen items that will make unique patterns in the dough.
  • Enhance play with spices! Pull out your cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa, rosemary, and mustard (Helpful tip! Put a strip of tape over the top so only a few holes are open). Now, let your child explore the different scents as they change the play dough and the entire sensory experience.
  • Inspire mosaic art by offering popcorn seeds, macaroni noodles, cheerios, nuts, or bolts, etc for the children to create patterns and designs.

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