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Tips for Play at home. . .

Follow their lead. Be mindful to support play without taking over or controlling it. Our job is to listen to and support their ideas. When children make suggestions or change the direction of play, they are taking small risks (socially) with you. This is our cue to follow their great idea and build their confidence!

Be invited. If your child is absorbed fully in play, simply sit near, be present, and share the space with your child. Sometimes we ask too many questions, or inject ourselves into play, unintentionally interrupting or changing it. When we sit quietly and observe play, we show them we are interested in their work. This interest is what will get you an invitation to play every time!

Make play a priority. By making a conscious effort to incorporate play into your daily interactions, you create connection and trust with them on a deeper level. Play and laughter perform an essential role in building strong, healthy parent-child relationships, building trust, and even resolving conflict.

Just go for it. If you feel awkward or silly pretending, do not worry, children do not seem to care, or notice. All you really need to do is listen, engage in conversation, and express an interest. Our time is what children truly are seeking during play.

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