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Sandbox Fun

Sandboxes are a great place for free-play that encourage hours of entertainment, fresh air, and strengthens the imagination. From a gourmet kitchen to a busy excavation site, the sandbox offers endless play possibilities. Here are a few ideas to get the fun started.

  • For the car and truck lovers, bury lengths of PVC pipe for truck tunnels. Gather various size rocks and sticks for building and moving. Add lightweight boards for building ramps and roadways. Use small boxes for garages.
  • Turn an old dresser, cabinet, or kitchen shelf into a fun kitchen area. If you have older kitchen items that you’re looking to replace, they are perfect for the sandbox! Pots, pans, cups, bowls, sifters, and other great gadgets for making mud pies and sand cakes. Fill a big bowl with water for washing dishes and making the sand perfect for packing.
  • If the sandbox is near a wall or fence, attach tubes or containers with both ends open, and funnels attached with zip ties, for pouring sand and water through. You can even cut off the ends of a plastic bottle to make a tube.
  • Create a make believe town by adding a large plant saucer and filling it with water to use as a beach, swimming pool, or pond.
  • If you do not have a sandbox, and do not have the time to build your own, try using anything from a kiddie pool to an old tractor tire. Even an under the bed plastic storage box can make a simple sandbox.

Enjoy the creativity and fun a sandbox can bring!

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