Muffin Tin Infant Play

If you have a muffin tin in your cupboard, try adding it to play time for a simple exploration for you baby. Add an infant safe toy to about 8 of the cups and watch your baby play and discover. Here are just a few of ways your little one can explore.

  • Your baby might be interested in exploring the muffin tin. They might even turning it over and try using it that way.
  • Maybe they will use the toys to make noise against the muffin tin for an auditory sensory experience.
  • They will likely try transferring the toys from cup-to-cup to build fine motor skills.
  • This activity is great for encouraging tummy time for younger babies. As babies are on their tummy playing, they are building upper body strength.
  • If you use blocks in the cups, babies can build towers and knock them over.

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