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Family Dinner Fun

 Have fun with meals and meal planning. Get the whole family involved, and even make a game out of it.

  • Divide into teams and let each team plan different parts of the meal. One team can plan the protein and vegetables, the other team can plan a healthy grain and fruit dessert.
  • Have restaurant night—give each member a role (table setter/designer, host/hostess, order taker, server, etc.), Turn off the lights, and eat by candle light using fancy dishes.
  • Alphabet Dinners—for example, “A” night might include apples, asparagus, or avocados. Use this as a chance to try new foods.
  • Theme night—pick a fun theme like “rainbow” and fashion your meal after it. Pick a food for each of the six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Have your children make placemats and decorations to go with your theme. Use all-natural food coloring to add some fun colors to a variety of foods.

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