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Creation Station

Not every art project you do at home with your child has to be a “craft”. Set up an art activity for your child that will promote creativity and build other important skills.

Search your house for random odds and ends: scrapbook paper, old greeting cards, newspaper, magazines, buttons (beware of chokable items), tissue paper, coffee filters, toilet paper tubes, empty boxes, washi tape, masking tape, pieces of fabric, yarn, string. Next, grab whatever child friendly paint, scissors, and glue you have in your home. Spread out the items on the table and invite your child to start creating.

By simply giving children these simple items, we are offering them the opportunity to make decisions, take risks, and use their imaginations. STEM skills come into play as children engineer and design. Fine motor skills develop as they paint, tape, and snip. Collaboration occurs as they talk about what they have tried and explain their masterpiece. Most importantly perhaps, children have the chance to experiment, make mistakes, and try again.

Sometimes the process is more valuable than the product!

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