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Why Is My Child Ignoring Me?

The answer to this is… they are not. Most of the time children are engaged in learning, playing, or even watching cartoons. We sit in the kitchen calling their names. By the third time, our voice level has risen, and we are feeling frustrated. Does this sound familiar?

If our children are engaged in what they are doing, it’s easy to block out the world. It’s our job to see this differently and get their attention differently. Eye contact shows that they are online with you and ready to listen.

Here are some tips to help you get eye contact:

Getting Their Attention

  1. Proximity – Get as close as you need to.
  2. Joint Attention – Show an interest in what they are engaged with.
  3. Tap them or use touch.
  4. When they look at you, then state what you want them to do.

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