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What can you do with a plastic bottle?

Instead of placing all your plastic bottles into the recycling bin, here are a few ideas to reuse them.

  • Make a rain gauge! Spring is the perfect time of year to track precipitation. After a rainfall, talk about measurements, numbers, and math. Follow these instructions to make your own rain gauge:  http://www.communityplaythings.com/resources/articles/2017/making-a-rain-gauge
  • Make a watering can. Have your child decorate an empty 20-ounce bottle, or a 1- or 2-liter, depending upon the age of your child. When the bottle is finished, they can help you water plants and flowers.  https://www.messforless.net/soda-bottle-watering-can/#_a5y_p=1721086
  • For infants and toddlers, make your own sensory bottles. Fill empty plastic bottles with items that can make noise—sticks, rice, unpopped popcorn, sand etc. If you’re using a small filler, make sure that you hot glue the lid shut so your little one is unable to open the bottle. You could also add half water and half baby oil to the bottle. Then add in another item that can float around in the liquid, like crafting beads, water beads, crafting jewels, etc. 

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