coronavirus health and safety measures


Cloth face coverings will be worn in all common areas of our schools. This includes hallways, lobbies, restrooms, break rooms, nurse clinics, and other common areas. Families will be required to wear cloth face coverings when entering our buildings. All employees will wear cloth face coverings when leaving their classroom for other areas of the building and whenever feasible in their classrooms. Staff will not be required to wear cloth face coverings when outdoors with their group of children on Kinderberry Hill property.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Families will have access to our vestibule, office and lobby area only. We will greet families upon arrival arrive,take your child’s temperature and escort them back to the classroom. We ask that you follow social distancing guidelines when waiting for your child. The same procedure will apply to picking up your child.

On-Site Health Screening and Temperature Checks

Children’s hands are washed and their temperatures are taken upon arrival to our classrooms each day. Throughout the day, we conduct regular health checks of children and staff. We will not be able to provide care for a child if either you, your child, or someone who resides in your household has a temperature of 100.4˚F or higher, or other symptoms outlined by the CDC.

Increased Handwashing

When dropping off or picking up your child, we ask that you use hand sanitizer conveniently located in our school’s entryway. Our nurses and teachers role model and regularly oversee handwashing procedures throughout the day.

Health & Safety Training

All staff routinely practice our stringent health and safety practices, as well as additional COVID-19 measures.

Increased Sanitizing

We have enhanced our efforts to sanitize our classrooms, toys, playground equipment, and all other high-touch areas. We have removed most fabric items and other difficult-to-sanitize items from our classrooms.

Reduced Class Size and Social Distancing

We have adjusted group sizes to accommodate recommended guidelines and implemented practices to guide social distancing when possible.

Food Preparation and Meal Service

Employees preparing food in the kitchen wear a cloth face covering. We have eliminated family-style dining to limit the spread of germs. Teachers who plate the food and serve it to children wear a cloth face covering. Children are seated together for meals but spaced adequately apart.

Naptime Adjustment

Children’s cots will be placed up to six feet apart whenever possible and will be positioned alternating head-to-toe or toe-to-toe.

Playground Restrictions

Our outdoor play structures are utilized by one class at a time and sanitized up to two times per day. Our outdoor classrooms are also utilized by one class at a time.

Limited Access to Our Classrooms

We have canceled field trips and special guests until further notice. Only children and staff are allowed in our classrooms. We have suspended our enrichment program specialists, photographers, and other visitors to our classrooms.

Stringent Compliance with CDC Travel

All staff, families, and any other person visiting our school must notify us prior to entering our school if they have had any recent travel to any state outside of the state in which they reside. Depending on where they have traveled and the current CDC travel health notices, we may tell them that they and their children must not enter the school for at least two weeks upon their return.

Stay Home If Ill

Child Illness Exclusion Policy – To protect your child, other children, and our teaching staff from illness, we will continue to enforce our established guidelines of excluding ill children and implement exclusion guidelines outlined by the CDC. In accordance with the CDC guidance, we require ill children to remain home for at least 10 days or for 72 hours with no fever (without the aid of fever-reducing medication) and improvement of respiratory symptoms whichever is longer.

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