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more than a daycare

As respected leaders in our field for over 30 years, part of our mission is to ensure the importance of early childhood development continues to rise. Years past, vast research was not always focused on the importance of early childhood development. There were early pioneers in the field like Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori, and Jean Piaget to name a few, who recognized caring for young children was not just simply time spent away from the home. Thankfully today, things have changed.

Research tells us how very important the first few years of life are. We now know, the foundations of optimum healthy, growth and neurodevelopment are established at this time. Today, care for children is expected to be a vital part of a child’s growth and development, which is exactly what it should be!

If you have followed early childhood research, you have probably run across information regarding the first 2000 days of life. This is a crucial time in brain and body development. This is the reason why early childhood programs (and parents), work so hard to make strong connections, build trust, engage in conversation, make eye contact, provide proper nutrition, and offer enriched sensory experiences. These early experiences, literally wire a child’s brain for later health, cognitive and social emotional success!

Today we want ALL children to be in Child Care. . . NOT just Day Care. Day Care implies children are kept safe and content until their parents pick them up. Child Care (or Child Development) is much different! Child Development programs ensure children are connected to the adults that learn alongside them. They make sure children are interacting with other children to ensure social emotional health and growth. These programs offer thoughtful and nutritious meals, as well as ample outside time to grow healthy and strong bodies. Child development programs work to inspire children through wonder and discovery with rich experiences, ideas, and materials. This is what every child deserves.

“When you connect to the heart of a child, everything is possible.”
– Dr. Karyn Purvis

Though not every family enrolls in of our Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers, we encourage every family to research fully where their child spends these precious first years. The world is now learning what we have always know in our hearts: the quality of this experience has a great impact on a child’s life. Every child deserves to be loved, comforted, laughed with, listened to, challenged, inspired, and honored.  This is exactly what a Child Development Program will offer.

Our wish is for every child to receive exactly this!

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