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3 Ways to be Mindful and Merry with Your Kids

The holidays can be hectic and overwhelming for families. If you find your family stressed during this busy time of year, here are three ways to stay present and mindful.

1: Slow Down & Breathe

If you find yourself, as a parent, increasingly stressed, take a moment to slow down, take a few 4-second breaths, intentionally place both feet on the ground, and find one thing to focus your attention on.  When you become more present, you are able to focus on what is most important, rather than worry about the little things. Try breathing with your kids too!

2: Balance Your To-Do’s with Quality Time

Balancing work, kids, after-school activities, and the holidays is no easy task.  However, make sure you give your family time, each day, to enjoy a few moments together.  Even something as simple as reading a story before bed, can help you and your kids, feel more present and grateful.  Kids notice when mom/dad are stressed, and they especially notice when they aren’t fully present with them.  Therefore, when you are with your kids, really work on being ALL-THERE, even if it’s just those 10 minutes before bedtime. This mindful focus takes practice too.

3: Have Merry Mornings

The holidays are filled with cheerful songs, adorable shows, and cheerful decorations that make you feel happy and merry!  Try to keep this joyous feeling even inside your home!  In other words, rather than focusing on how many gifts the kids need, or finding that one perfect present that your child will love, focus on finding ways to foster joy in your everyday mornings!  Do a “December Challenge” by having each member of the family say one “merry” thing about one another.  This could be as simple as having each person say “I love your smile.” Or “You give the best hugs.”  Simple affirmations at the beginning of each day can make a good day even better–and these feelings can last longer than any present does!

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