Children are not born with executive function skills, but they are born with the potential to develop them. There is strong scientific evidence that these skills can be improved through practice. At Kinderberry Hill, teachers mindfully promote these skills in our children starting in infancy and throughout their early childhood years in our care. Kinderberry Hill and Reflection Sciences have partnered together to assess executive function skills and guide children to develop these skills, promoting school-readiness and success.

Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers are leading the way in how to incorporate the science of executive function development in early childhood education. By blending regular assessment using the Minnesota Executive Function Scale with proven intervention strategies, such as EF games and mindfulness, they are setting children on a solid path for school readiness and beyond.

–Stephanie M. Carlson, PHD

Executive function has been shown to predict important developmental outcomes; school readiness, academic achievement, social functioning, mental and physical health.

–Reflection Sciences