For the school year before kindergarten

The Kinderberry Hill pre-kindergarten program has been proven to help children solidify a strong sense of personal identity through confidence in their ability to make friends and the mastery of kindergarten-readiness skills.


In addition to daily interactions with your child’s teacher, our management team members, and our nurse, our web/smartphone tool, Kinderberry Connect, allows teachers to share daily updates, photos, and anecdotes with parents in real time.


Expertly prepared lesson plans and literacy plans promote a mastery of the skills children need to be fully prepared for kindergarten and beyond, including problem-solving, communication, and executive functioning skills.

Teacher-child Ratio

With a maximum class size of 18 and a child-teacher ratio of 1-to-9, our teachers are able to meet the individual needs of each child.

Classroom Environment

Our state-of-the-art, language-rich classrooms are designed to prepare pre-kindergartners for school and beyond. Our pre-kindergarten classrooms provide areas for children to become lifelong learners and master the skills for overall success academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Art, sensory, blocks, language, manipulatives, science, math, technology, engineering, and dramatic play areas provide endless opportunities for pre-kindergartners to grow to their fullest potential.

The pre-kindergarten program culminates with a cap-and-gown graduation ceremony to celebrate school-readiness achievements.

Our teachers provide educational opportunities throughout the day to encourage each child’s sense of discovery using theme-based lesson plans and a daily schedule proven to prepare children in the principles of language, math, and science. Through ongoing observation and assessment, our teachers intentionally plan lessons and activities to support children as they move to the next development level. Activities are integrated across all domains of development: physical, social, emotional and intellectual. These experiences foster self-awareness, develop self-esteem, and fully prepare children for kindergarten and beyond.

For added family convenience, nutritious meals and snacks and educational materials are included as part of your enrollment in our pre-kindergarten program.


Early exposure to a second language promotes literacy and language recognition, plus fosters an awareness of diverse cultures. Beginning with our infant program, the Kinderberry Hill Spanish program introduces the language in a relaxed environment, using creative teaching techniques to stimulate understanding and learning.


Music instruction matters, and compelling research confirms the vital link between music and the development of brain connections. Beginning with our infant program, the Kinderberry Hill music enrichment program provides children with a special opportunity to experiment with instruments, gain an understanding of rhythm and movement, sing, dance, and explore the cultural aspect of music.


The Kinderberry Hill Curious Minds science program uses hands-on learning experience and experiments to encourage early science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) exploration. The program helps build a foundation that properly prepares children for elementary school science standards, and through participation, they know that science is fun! Curious Minds is included in the intermediate and pre-kindergarten programs.

Fit Kids

Through a fun, positive approach to making healthy lifestyle choices, the Kinderberry Hill Fit Kids program, beginning in toddlers, includes music and movement, cardiovascular activities, and lesson plans with a focus on the development of healthy bodies and minds for children of all ages.