Sign Language

Babies can communicate using their motor skills much earlier than they can verbally communicate. Kinderberry Hill introduces sign language beginning in infants and continues to add new vocabulary and reinforce sign language development throughout toddlers, intermediates, and pre-kindergarten.


Compelling research confirms the vital link between music and the development of brain connections. The Kinderberry Hill music enrichment program provides children with opportunities to experiment with instruments, gain an understanding of rhythm and movement, sing, dance, and explore cultural aspects of music.


Early exposure to a second language promotes literacy and language recognition, plus it fosters an awareness of diverse cultures. The Kinderberry Hill Spanish program introduces the language in a relaxed environment, using creative teaching techniques to stimulate understanding and learning.

Fit Kids

Through a fun, positive approach to making healthy lifestyle choices, the Kinderberry Hill Fit Kids program includes music and movement, mindfulness and cardiovascular activities, and lesson plans with a focus on the development of healthy bodies and minds for children of all ages.