Our goal at Kinderberry Hill is to foster children’s natural curiosity and build confidence in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This curiosity and confidence is fostered by encouraging students to make observations, predictions, take measurements, problem solve, and collaborate!

We offer many opportunities for children to explore the STEAM fields as we integrate them into our daily activities. In our toddler program, STEAM is promoted through sensory play, talking about the weather, outdoor exploration, gardening, and cooking projects. For our intermediate and preschool students, Curious Minds Science Class joins our classrooms with engaging hands-on activities to explore concepts such as states of matter, simple machines, sinking vs. floating, gravity, magnets, and more!


indoor rainbow


  • Old CD (compact disc)
  • Sunny day


  • Find a sunny spot in your house with a blank wall on which to project reflected light. (If you don’t have a blank wall, use a piece of white poster board.)
  • Use the shiny side of the CD to reflect the sunlight onto your wall and notice the rainbow. What does it look like? What colors do you see? What happens when you move the CD? Change the distance of the CD from the wall. What happens to the colors?
  • Add patterns to the reflections by placing tape or stickers on the CD and observing the differences in the reflection.

create a journey stick

Take a nature walk with your child and let them create their very own Journey Stick.


To do this you simply need a stick and string (for younger children, use a strip of cardboard and double-sided tape). Children love to hunt and collect! While walking outdoors, encourage your child to find natural items such as feathers, leaves, seeds, twigs, flowers, etc. Help them attach these treasures to their stick using the string or double-sided tape.  They will soon have their own journey stick full of many beautiful colors and textures from nature! This a great way to help children appreciate nature, as well as create a beautiful memento to take home and share with others.

aluminum foil engineering

Challenge your child to build an aluminum foil bridge strong enough for a matchbox car!

While embarking on this challenge, talk about the thickness of the foil. Take note of how flexible it is, and how it can be manipulated to become rigid. Ask your child to share their plan of creating a stable and sturdy bridge. Then, let them begin engineering!

It may take your child a few attempts to find success. (This is when the bulk of learning occurs!) As this happens, encourage your child to talk about what is not working and what else they could try. Encourage your child to modify plans and test new ideas as any talented engineer would do!

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