Ages 6 weeks to 18 months

The Kinderberry Hill infant program is designed to support and encourage the myriad types of development that occur during the first two years of life, while respecting and celebrating the fact that each baby is unique and special. Individualized activity plans are developed in cooperation with parents to provide a healthy balance of social, physical, and language learning experiences, all provided in a safe, cozy, and comfortable classroom.


In addition to daily interactions with your child’s teacher, our management team members, and our nurse, our web/smartphone tool, Kinderberry Connect, allows teachers to share daily updates, photos, and anecdotes with parents in real time.


Thoughtfully selected and designed to enrich and embrace each baby’s curiosity, our curriculum provides opportunities to enjoy and explore by touching, seeing, hearing, and grasping exciting new concepts.

Teacher-Child Ratio

With a maximum class size of 8 and a teacher child ratio of 1-to-4, our teachers are able to meet the individual needs of each child.

Classroom Environment

Your baby will be welcomed into our beautifully equipped and secure nursery by loving and nurturing teachers. The strong bond between your baby and teachers will flourish as he/she continues to learn and grow.

Our teachers use intentional teaching to reach developmental milestones while also staying abreast of the latest research in infant brain development. Through continuing observation and assessment, teachers are able to thoughtfully plan activities to support children to move to the next developmental level.

Babies will enjoy calm and soothing interactions in a language-rich environment with their teachers enabling them to feel secure as they play and explore the classroom. Along with this strong relationship, exploration and play will support babies to reach developmental milestones.

For added family convenience, formula, bottles, diapers, wipes, organic baby food, and bedding are included as part of your enrollment in our infant program.


Early exposure to a second language promotes literacy and language recognition, plus fosters an awareness of diverse cultures. Beginning with our infant program, the Kinderberry Hill Spanish program introduces the language in a relaxed environment, using creative teaching techniques to stimulate understanding and learning.

Sign Language

Babies can communicate using their motor skills much earlier than they can verbally communicate. Kinderberry Hill introduces a sign language program beginning in infants and continues to add new vocabulary and reinforce sign language development throughout all ages.


Music instruction matters, and compelling research confirms the vital link between music and the development of brain connections. Beginning with our infant program, the Kinderberry Hill music enrichment program provides children with a special opportunity to experiment with instruments, gain an understanding of rhythm and movement, sing, dance, and explore the cultural aspect of music.